Steve, with over 25 years experience, offers a "first class window cleaning" service from Marple, Cheshire.
All services are fully insured, including regular and periodic window cleaning as well as guttering, facias, and UPVC.
We offer a very flexible cleaning programme to suit you:

• Fortnightly
• Monthly
• Bi-monthly
As with many other window cleaners, we are now using the water-fed pole system. Since the introduction of the new Health & Safety Regulations governing working at height, we feel it necessary to adopt these safer working practices.
Read more from the H&S Executive here.
How the Pure Water System works
Any dirt on the glass is agitated with a soft-bristled brush then rinsed with pure, crystal-clear, deionised water. Windows are left to dry naturally, due to the water being 100% pure and deionised; it doesn't leave any spots or mineral deposits as standard tap water would!

Our water is checked and tested throughout the working day to ensure maximum effect of this superior window cleaning technique.

Call Steve on 0161 355 2715 or call/text 07857 739 371